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Thread: What's the most SW friendly thing on this menu?

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    What's the most SW friendly thing on this menu?

    I am going out with friends to a bar which styles its food on an american smokehouse - big portions of bbq meat, chips, sauces ... not exactly sw friendly!

    Food - The Pit, City Centre bar Leeds City Centre - Arc Inspirations

    Luckily, they do seem to have some things which I could make work - particularly from the Superfood Healthy Menu. I have had a look through the menu and I think the best thing for me to order is the Poached Chicken Breast with either quinoa or greens.

    Do you all think thats the best thing on the menu to keep me on plan or can you see anything else?

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    The sirloin steak doesn't sound too bad. You could ask them to cook the steak and tomatoes without oil adnd ask for the herb butter on the side. The onion rings will also by Synful, so either ask for it without them or use your Syns for them (sorry, not entirely sure how many).

    Also the half free range chicken doesn't sound too bad!

    They do green beans and salad as a side, so a good superfree option.

    The salads could be another option, although watch out for avocado, dressings, croutons, etc.

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