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Thread: Indian restaurant - best starter to choose

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    Indian restaurant - best starter to choose

    Ordinarily, we eat out two-three times a week but we haven't eaten out at all since I started slimming world. Tonight though, we are going to an Indian. Main course will be a rogan Jo's with plain rice but I know my husband will want a starter and he wants me to have one too. All my syns will be intact but what's the best choice. I'm thinking of getting one and then giving half of it to him to minimise the syns but don't know what to choose. I'm guessing one of the dry meats might be best but any help will be gratefully received....!

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    Chicken tikka is a low syn option. Sorry not 100% sure on actual value

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    Why waste money on a starter you don't want? It's not necessary for you to have one just because he is.

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    how about grilled Halloumi, it should count as HEB (depending on size) add a few syns if coating in oil.
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    Going out today with hubby for lunch, there is chilli on the menu is that ok?

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