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Thread: Chinese take away

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    Chinese take away

    Hi, can anyone tell me how many syns a chicken/beef chow mein has as was told that it has more than what is in our book?????? Other to that what is best to have? Thanks in advance!! x

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    Chicken chow mein is about 16 syns now. Beef in mushroom is about 4.5 I think and chicken in mushroom is 5.5

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    Chicken was put up, beef is still about 8 though. My advice would be to ask how it's cooked - my takeaway deep fry the beef but stir fry the chicken so, as long as I ask for it dry fried chicken is virtually syn free Other dishes you can have are anything in blackbean or oyster - all about 4.5 syns. Stir fry veg (again ask for dry fried) beef n mushrooms is 4.5 too. And obv boiled rice. Pick wisely and you can so it within syn and it won't effect your loss. 6.5st down and I've had Chinese every weeks since starting last Jan!

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