Hi all,

went out to pizza hut this evening, I think I did well but I can't be sure. I had a completely free salad from the salad bar as a starter and on the side, plus I was drinking tap water, so that's all good.
For my main I had the mediterranean vegetable pasta, this was basically pasta in a tomato sauce with vegetables and topped with mozzarella. It was a little oily, so I would count this as my HEb or syn it, and there wasn't a lot of cheese but would need to syn it or could count some of it as my HEa, as I already used half on my milk. I tried to calculate the syns online with the pasta as a free food and using nutritional info from Pizza Hut website, but it came out as 14.5 syns. The only problem with that is that it would count all the veg and the tomatoes as a syns value instead of free. The only Pizza Hut values on the syns online are all pizza.

Basically what I'd like to know is how many syns were in the pasta dish. I would greatly appreciate any advice.