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Thread: Off to Carluccios.. little bit of help needed please :)

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    Off to Carluccios.. little bit of help needed please :)

    Hi guys,

    Wondering if anyone can offer some advice. I am off to Carluccio's for a work lunch tomorrow. On the plus side - their website details calorie content so I can make a sensible choice, but does anyone know how I can work out the syn value?

    The dish is 385 calories, includes some free food (sea bass, vegetables etc.) but I don't know any of the other nutrional information.

    Also on a side note - I was interested to see how much more calorific the salad and seemingly "healthy" dishes were compared to the pasta dishes, that really weren't that bad! I guess unless they are creamy, pasta with tomato based sauces isn't TOO bad!

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    Id go with the seabass and just include some syns for olive oil

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    This is great I love Carluccios!

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