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Thread: Time to get a grip and learn to say no.

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    Ok. So it's time for me to get a grip. I started my slimming world journey in August 2011, at 21st 9.5 lbs. By August 2013 I got to my lowest weight of 12st 4.5 lbs. I currently weigh somewhere around 14st 7 lbs. This scares the hell out of me, i know you can put weight on quickly but seriously. This stupid. But I can't stop. It is like I have become addicted to ruining everything. My meals are all still slimming world friendly, I still have the correct a's and b's. I have some days where I stick to 15 syns. But then I have other days, like today where I completely blow it by having a large slice of cake, a bag of chocolates and 3 freddos..... What the ****?! I feel although for it, physically and mentally. I haven't been to group in a few weeks. Because of work and because I haven't wanted to. I'm going back on Monday, I'm starting somewhere new but with a consultant I already know. I think I need to be around new people. I love my group but I think I've become bored of it. I need to learn to say no again. I need to stop binging. You'd think none of my clothes fitting would stop me but it's not. I'm really hoping Monday will help. I need find my willpower again. I need to get excited about slimming world again, I miss feeling like I did in the beginning. Slimming world is easy, but it's hard to keep interested after 2 years and still not reaching your target weight. Not sure what else to write. I guess this going to my attempt of some sort of diary. Let's just hope I keep to it, the diary and my slimming whirls journey. Now. To try and have a good weekend.
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    your not alone, i know that doesnt make you instantly slimmer but i've done SW 3 times now and gave up last time as my heart wasnt in it and i ended up being heavier when i quite then i was when i started. But i'm still trying and this site is good for recipe ideas and just general chat when your having an off day. read inspiring stories and think to yourself if they can do it then theres no reason i cant. Put the cake down If you want something bad enough, nothing will stand in your way.
    Good luck and keep going even if you have an off day. its more of an excuse to work harder to undo the damage if you have a hiccup.
    if you want something bad enough, nothing will stand in your way.

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