Hey everyone,so,ive just posted in the main sw forum, back again after many diets, lots of weightloss and weight gain, i really hope i can do it this time(i do it from home),and just learn to eat like this as a way of life.have recently been diagnosed with coeliac, struggling atm with changing my whole way of eating,feels like extra pressure since id perfected my slimmingworld treats last time i did sw, that i now cant have. anyway, will write on here what ive eaten to help keep me on track.

Breakfast, 1 slice of white glutafin bread (5syns i believe ) scrambled egg (free) and baked beans with mushrooms, cuppa tea 1sugar and splash of milk (1syn and hea)

lunch will be - strawberry aldi opti yogurt 1.5syns, a banana and will finish off the tin of beans from breakfast (have a real craving for beans today lol)

dinner, chicken breast, jacket potato with low fat chive and onion cottage cheese and salad (free)

7.5syns estimated for the day, will probably have a few more cuppa tea's so will add later x