Well I'm back and ready to have a final crack at this weight loss malarkey, after pretty much gaining and losing the same ten pounds for the last 2 years.

I rejoined slimming world just under 3 weeks ago. It is a new group but under some strange fluke, my old consultant took over the new group last week. I'm really pleased about this as she's so lovely and funny - plus she loves wine so let's face it, she's my kind of gal!

I joined SW around a year ago but was not in the right head space and only lasted about 6 weeks and lost about 3lbs. Oops. However, I have somehow lost a stone since then through a method of binge/salad, which to be honest was awful! I turned 30 in the summer and have finally decided that enough is enough! I started a new career as a teacher in September, I love my job, I have great friends, a nice home etc, but feel my size is the only thing affecting my confidence and holding me back now!

I am currently a size 16 (in stretchy trousers!) and 5'8, weighing in at 14.11 last Tuesday at weigh in. My target is 10.13.

Week 1 - 2lbs off
Week 2 - 1 1/2 lbs off

Bit disappointed so far but I have stuck to plan exactly, I have upped my water intake this week and eaten scan bran on the advice of the consultant to get things moving more quickly, so to speak!

So far today, I have eaten:

Plum tomatoes, tin.
Small tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce.
2 poached eggs.
Milk in 2 cups of tea.

So no syns and only free/superfree. Off to the garden centre later which could be dangerous! But I feel pretty motivated at the minute!

Any advice on how to weather Christmas meals out will be gratefully received!