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Thread: Lily's EE Food Diary

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    Diet: Um...S&S. Again.
    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Date: 12 January 2015
    Start Weight: 17st0.0lb
    Current Weight: 16st11.0lb
    Goal Weight: 12st0.0lb
    Goal Date: 30 June 2015

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 40.8
    Current BMI: 40.3
    Goal BMI: 28.8

    Total Weight Loss: 0st3lb
    Weight to Lose: 4st11lb
    % Lost 1.26%

    Lily's EE Food Diary


    Thought I'd start a food diary thread to help with accountability. I'm doing SW Online as my work frequently takes me all over the place and I'd probably end up missing more classes than I attended! I've been doing the EE plan for just over a month now. Before Christmas hit, I'd lost around 5 pounds in total - not a huge amount in 3 weeks for someone who weighs nearly 17st - but I've accepted my lot in life as a slow loser now after several years of on and off VLCD-ing. My body deserves to have some sensible healthy food in it, after all.

    So, my Christmas chocolate consumption actually made the scales bounce up higher than they were to start with but a couple of days of being back on track has already worked wonders. Can't wait to see the 15s again though. Seeing 17st flash up again the other day was very depressing...

    Today I have eaten:

    80g of wholemeal toast (1 HEB plus 2 syns)
    1 Dairylea cheese slice (3 syns)

    Roasted Butternut squash wedges
    Mullerlight yogurt and apricots

    Bacon and leek risotto

    HEA - 200ml of skimmed milk and 2 Laughing Cow light triangles
    Roasted chicken pasta Mug shot

    Feeling ok at the moment - hopeful I won't slither off the wagon now like I did this time yesterday...
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    Lily's 2015 Diary

    "Overeating begets self-loathing begets self-deprivation begets continuous famine response begets epic fat storage begets more overeating. You get the picture." - Martha Beck

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    Trying - very!

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    Diet: SW (on my own with help from friends on Minis)
    Height: 1.69m
    Start Date: 10 Jan 2011 (2st lost 2007/8 - 2½ st in 2011 - ½ st in 2012 - ½ st GAIN in 2013)
    Start Weight: 105kg
    Current Weight: 77.2kg
    Goal Weight: 73.2kg
    Goal Date: A day at a time! And got there on 23/11/11

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.8
    Current BMI: 27
    Goal BMI: 25.6

    Total Weight Loss: 27.8kg
    Weight to Lose: 4kg
    % Lost 26.48%
    Afternoon Lily - here to subscribe.
    No slithering allowed this afternoon unless of course you're going to watch a happy Potter film

    Although just popped over to your ovther diary and it looks as though you've decided not to carry on with this fred
    Last edited by Pommette : 4th January, 2014 at 02:00 PM
    Got to original target . . . 23/11/11
    "With a Little Help from My Friends" - especially the tortoise team
    Got to next (lowered) target . . . 21/02/12
    Another challenge to lose 5 st in total achieved . . . 31/08/12

    SLOW AND STEADY - 1 lb a week
    (or should that be 0.45359 kg ???)

    Pommette's Diary - Now to Maintain!!!
    Slinky Sirens - Target here we come

    Maintenance Since Final target reached on 31/08/2012 - Should be 1.4 kg either way

    I want to get back to target! And I keep messing up!
    So I've reset everything (again, again) and this is what I want to achieve

    START (7/7/14) - 79.4 Kg (12:7 - exactly 1 st over target )
    1. Get back to where I was at the start of the 2014 - 77.5 (12:2¾)
    - achieved 14/7/14
    . . . still clinging on end of 2014 with a few ups and downs
    PAH - gained in wk 1 AND 2 of 2015 so I'm up again
    Back under again in week 3.

    Dated targets added 29th December 2014
    2. Get back to Original target
    by 23/02/15 - 75.75 (11:13)
    3. Get back to Interim target
    by 30/03/15 - 74.4 (11:10)
    - 73.2 (11:7½)

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