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Thread: Poppybibby's Final Food Diary :)

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    Poppybibby's Final Food Diary :)

    Hi everyone,

    A quick introduction to me - I'm Karen, I'm 27 and I've flitted between WW, SW and calorie counting for the last 2-3 years and have lost over 2st in the process but I am currently in an awful cycle of lose a few pounds, gain a few pounds. So I sat and had a think about which diet would suit my current lifestyle best and because I will be working 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week for the next 9 weeks I have come back to SW for simplicity's sake. I always enjoyed SW first time round and never felt hungry but I reached a plateaux and got fed up so quit - typical me!

    Anyways, in true New Year style ... It's a new year so a new start! I have stocked up on mullerlights and extra lean meats, planned my meals and so I'm all good to start tomorrow weekends are the hardest for me so a Friday morning at home WI is going to suit me down to the ground.

    I found minimins a massive support while on SW the first time around so hoping it will be the same this time too

    So this is it - mission lose 4st begins....
    A few mini targets to work towards:

    Reach 15% Weight Loss (14st 3lb)
    Be under 200lb (14st 3lb)
    Get into the 13s (13st 13lb)
    Reach 3st loss (13st 10lb)

    That should be enough to keep me going for now

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    Hi there when reading your thread it sounds very like me going from one diet to another never lasted at SW longer than 2 weeks tink it prob is best diet as you can't go mad eating rubbish food I find on ww I will skip breakfast so I can crisps n a bar when catching up on soaps at night best of luck on your journey x


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