I've been at this point several times, I have lost weight, been pounds away from where I want to be, but ended up gaining it all back and more (normal story!). This summer I am going abroad and I haven't gone abroad for 6 years, mainly because of my weight. This summer I will post a picture of myself on this site wearing a bikini and be proud.

I'm a pretty honest person, so you will see the full extent of my binges on here, for example, just ate 6 bread rolls....honesly who does that?!?! But recently my eating has gotten a lot better (which is a very good thing for my purse) and I have started exercising a lot more!!

So today hasn't been a SW day, but I'll post it anyway, as it seems stupid to hide what I've eaten seeing as though everyone else can see how much I've eaten haha!!!

B - Eat Natural Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt Bar (11.5 syns)
L - Pasta and tuna with light salad cream (5.5 syns)
D - 6 x bread rolls with a tub of coronation chicken (90 syns....haha wtf?!)

So naturally not a good day syn wise or veg wise! Let's hope tomorrow can be a bit better! Although, there will be alcohol involved which I must admit I cheat and don't include!!

I went to a spin class on Tuesday and Wednesday night, I actually LOVE spinning now!! And I also walk to work everyday and home from work at least twice a week and that's 2 miles each way

Right off to College!!!!