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Thread: What day would this menu be classed as please

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    What day would this menu be classed as please

    breakfast ( was late leaving home this morning alarm didn't go off lol ) pear and some grapes

    Lunch Crab flakes,Prawns, kipper with salad ( lettuce, tom, pepper, celery, spring onion
    red and white onion
    kraft 100 and thousand dressing 1/2 syn

    Dinner 2 large mushrooms stuffed with chilli ( extra lean mince beef, kidney beans, passata, tinned tomatoes
    red and green pepper, onion, mushrooms, chilli powder, paprika, chayenne pepper, garlic and maybe chilli peppers )

    salad - lettuce, spring onion, red onion , celery, carrots, red pepper

    2 litres of water

    snack later maybe forest fruits and ww yoghurt
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