So I'm gonna start this food diary for me. If anyone can help me or see anywhere that I might be going wrong, please let me know! Thanks

Today I had:

Breakfast- punnet of grapes and black coffee

Brunch- 2 tesco h/l sausages 2 syns, bacon (all fat removed), beans, scrambled eggs (small amount of butter) 2 syns (to be safe) grilled tomatoes.

Snack- banana

Dinner - extra lean beef mince made into burgers, I had two which had carrots, onion, Egg, tomato purée, garlic, jalapeños and one slice of while bread (6.5 syns divided by 2 = 3.25 syns) with bacon and gherkin. No bun
Tomato salad and cheesy slimming world chips (HEXA)

Pudding - home made scan bran carrot cake made with 5 scan bran, 3 eggs, mixed spices, sweetener and carrots. Topped with sweetened quark. I had approx 1/4 of the cake (HEXB 1/2)

I will have my customary options hot chocolate 1.5 syns and Alpen light bar (HEXB 1/2) later

My total syns are 9 syns.