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Thread: Cat, Fiona Tray & Sinead's food diaries :)

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    Cat, Fiona Tray & Sinead's food diaries :)

    The idea of this thread is to shame us all into being healthier!!!

    We need to be completely honest and try to check in every day. That way, if there are any issues with weight loss, we can look back at previous posts and work out what's going wrong and how to improve.

    I'll be posting both food and exercise stats as I need to give myself a little push to go to the gym more often. Might add in how much water I've drank too because I always forget to drink enough.

    As it's weigh-in day tomoz I think we should start it then (and I forgot to bring my dinner to work so had to have a vending machine meal tonight! The shaaaaame!!!).

    Go to to get a weight-loss timeline thingymabob like mine and add it into your signature. You can edit it every Thursday after weigh-in and watch your progress.

    Good luck ladies! xx
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