Started on Sunday, I want to be able to look like I did when I met my husband 15 years ago (well close enough)

I have been on a 2-day training event and I have been given money for lunches through work. I have tried to be good but have learned to check on my iPhone before I actually eat anything owing to what happened on Monday.

DAY 1 - MONDAY - 28 syns

B - Boiled Egg (Free), 2 Toast from 400g Wholemeal Loaf (HEX B), tsp Bertoli (1.5 syns) - 100ml Orange Juice (2 syns)
L - PrÍt A Manger Tuna Nicoise Salad (1.5 syns) The dressing (11.5 syns) , Large Pear (Super Free) - Latte Skimmed (HEX A)
D - Breaded Fish from Freezer (11.5 syns), Boiled Potatoes (Free), Carrots (Super Free), Broccoli (Super Free), Raspberries (Super
To be honest I had tried to allow for syns in the evening because with not having a lot of money I need to eat what is in the freezer. I had not realised that the little tiny pot would be so many syns which is what took me way over. On the plus side I went out for a walk in my lunch break for 10 minutes to get my F.I.T activity in.

DAY 1 - TUESDAY - 13.5 syns

B - 2 Toast from 400g Wholemeal Loaf (HEX B), tsp Bertoli (1.5 syns), Marmite (Free) - Banana (SuperFree)
L - M&S Sushi (4 syns), M&S Salad Side of Cucumber and cherry tomatos (Super Free), M&S Large Melon Pack (Super Free)
D - Grilled Pork (Free), Baked Sweet Potato (Free), Large Helping Roasted Home Made Veg (Super Free), Banana (Super Free) with a
Muller Lite Toffee Yoghurt (Free)

As you can see I was doing okay today, until someone said to me "would you like a tea" I asked for sweetener but apparently they didn't have any (told me after I drank the tea !). I then gave in to 3 biscuits because I had all of my work colleagues (18) gang up on me about not eating the biscuits. I guess lesson learned - no supportive work colleagues and bring my own lunch.

All in all I do not think it went too bad for first few days especially as I was eating lunch away. Hope I am on the right track as I am doing this on-line.