I'm a long-term WWer who has fallen off the wagon badly this time. I've regained 21lbs of the 40lbs that I'd lost and I can't seem to get a grip so I've joined SW. I can't get my head around how much food I'm allowed! I'm so used to telling myself "no" because I shouldn't need any more food and I'm scared that I'll have a gain at class on Tuesday. Does this sound okay for today:

B: 35g baked porridge (hexb) topped with brown sugar (2) apple and a fat free Activia

L: Homemade ham and lentil soup, Walkers baked crisps (5), Nakd bar (4)

D: Homemade extra lean bunless burger with SW chips and salad, cheese single (hexa) for burger

S: 2x small banana, handful of grapes, a few strawberries, mugshot

It seems like I've done nothing but eat all day!

Thanks in advance!