Hi everyone!

I'm totally new to the concept of slimming world as I have always done weightwatchers in the past. I started a week ago today and am delighted to say when I weighed today I had lost 6lb since last Monday! I cant believe its taken me this long to start slimming world, I'm loving it! Does anyone with a bit more experience have any advice/tips/recipes that might help me out? I'm doing this from home but have a food optimizing book etc to go by. Also, does anyone else weigh in on a Monday? Would be nice to have a bit of company! ��

Breakfast- mixed red berries (superfree)
Lunch- wholemeal roll (H.E B), bacon (fat trimmed off) (free) and chopped tomatoes (superfree)
Dinner- slimming world chips and egg (free) with mushrooms and tinned tomatoes (superfree)
Snacks- 200g spaghetti hoops (free)
30g smoked salmon

Also made sure I drank 2L+ water.