Hi all sorry if there are already millions of threads like this I don't quite know my way around yet!

Could someone give me so green day diary ideas please? I'm not vegetation except for the fact I don't like meat bar the odd slice of beef or chicken on a roast dinner or if it's in the form of chicken nuggets or something lol! I'm a carb addict though so feed tends to be pretty boring plain pasta egg fried rice etc but need to inspiration.l to mix my diet up a bit as tend to keep eating the same things day in day out!

A typical day for me would be,

2 alpen lights although yesterday I had 2 slices warburtons brown bread 2tsp flora buttery and 2boiled eggs

Plenty of fruit throughout the day used to have muller lights too but they making me bloated and constipated I think (sorry tmi)

Then when I get in from work will be snack of spaghetti hoops or fat free super noodles

Tea will be sw chips either plain with couple more slices whole meal bread and another 2tsp butter making total syns 12?

Or I'll have cheese which I syn too

If I just have plain chips I'll have a aldi lights got choc and three marshmallows or something (6 syns) as iv been told I should always have my syns

Thanks girls xx