Hi! I've just recently started Slimming World, and every time I google for syn values when I'm out and about this site comes up, so I bit the bullet and joined! I've been doing it for a couple of weeks and not lost anything, so I'm determined to be strict with myself. Starting a food diary on here, so if anyone has any hints or suggestions or ways I could change it up, please let me know

Today (well, technically yesterday):

Breakfast - 2 Alpen Light bars (HEB)

Snack - a banana, a small tub of carrot sticks

Lunch - baked potato, with 2 babybels (HEA) and a snap-pot of Heinz beans

Dinner - Turkey escalope, griddled in cajun spice, soy sauce and 1/2 tbsp honey (1.25 syns). Served with baby potatoes and a salad with dressing (1/2 tbsp olive oil @ 3 syns with balsamic vinegar & seasoning)

Snack - 2 Oreos (5 syns)

Total: 9.25 syns