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Thread: Say's Food Diary - EE & Green

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    Say's Food Diary - EE & Green

    Friday - 1st May

    Breakfast: 0% Greek Yoghurt, grapes, apple, 2 tsp honey (2)
    Lunch: Chicken & Bacon Salad with chopped plum tomatoes & sliced cucumber, 1.5 tbsp lighter than light mayo (1)
    Dinner: 2 x wholemeal bread (B) baked Beans, bacon, egg in frylight, mushrooms, 30g cheddar (A)
    Snacks: Cucumber & Carrot sticks, wafer thin ham, roast chicken mugshot. Options hot choc (2) 2 x cookies (4)

    Syns: 15

    Saturday - 2nd May

    Breakfast: 1 x wholemeal bread (3) Baked Beans, chopped tomatoes, 2 x eggs in frylight, mushrooms and bacon.
    Lunch: Roast Chicken Mugshot
    Dinner: Chicken, rice, Tesco Healthy Living Rogan Josh sauce (3.5 for half a jar)
    Snacks: Nescafe Caramel Latte (3.5) 2 x Options Hot Choc (4) semi-skimmed milk during the day (A) 2 x HiFi lights (B)

    Syns: 14

    Sunday - 3rd May

    Breakfast: none, oops!
    Lunch: Chicken, new potatoes, peas, broccoli, swede, parsnip, carrots, 100ml gravy (1.5) sml yorkshire pudding (2.5) 25g stuffing made into a ball (1.5)
    Dinner: Massive chicken & bacon stirfry and dried egg noodles (cooked of course!)
    Snacks: 1 x clementine, options hot choc (2) 2 x HiFi Lights (B) Semi-skimmed milk during the day (A)

    Syns: 7.5

    Monday - 4th May

    Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tiny amount of HP BBQ sauce (0.5)
    Lunch: Roast Chicken Mugshot, Mullerlight Goodies lemon meringue (2.5)
    Dinner: HUGE Chicken and bacon stir fry with dried egg noodles (done in chinese five spice and soy sauce)
    Snacks: Options Hot Choc (2) 2 x HiFi Lights (B) Milky Way 21.5g (5) Semi-skimmed milk during the day (A)

    Syns: 10
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