Hi All,

I have been looking at other people post and seen the motivational effects in some people so I thought I would give it a go.

I try and write a food diary for myself but I forget or leave it because I have had a crap day so hoping that by doing it on here for everyone to see and help me I will do it proper.

I am 27 from South Wales. I currently done slimming world before and lost about 3st (also lost 3st doing calorie counting but found it difficult so moved to slimming world). I have currently gain 1st 7lb in the last couple of months and would like to lose it again and a little more (I am one of these people that is never happy with my weight or body sorry to say) I currently do EE but do struggle to eat my HE and syns now and again.

Day one
Breakfast:- 2 x bacon (no fat)
2 x WW sausages (1syn)
fried egg in fry light
tomato in fry light
mushrooms in fry light
baked beans

Lunch:- Mug Shot
Muller light

Dinner:- Home made tandoor chicken (no skin marinated in fat free natural yogurt and spices)
chilli lime con on cob
salt and pepper wedges