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Thread: Dairy Free HXA

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    Dairy Free HXA

    Hi all,

    I'm currently breastfeeding - baby is six months and we have started solids BUT as we are doing BLW he is not actually eating an awful lot yet and is still taking his full number of breastfeeds. I do green days exclusively which means I get loads of additional healthy extras which I'm encouraged to spend on HXA choices. However, I am vegan, which means dairy cheese is right out of the question! It is a struggle to have my full amount of HXA on soya milk alone, are there any other products I can use to bump up my HXA intake?

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    I used to really struggle with my As because I'm not a huge soy milk drinker...up until Koko Chocolate Milk and Oatly Chocolate became healthy extras. I think the Alpro almond dark choc and Alpro soya choc are now too. I like warming these up and having them on an evening. It's so annoying that no vegan cheeses are an A choice.

    If you don't like drinking the non dairy milks, you could always make rice pudding, a chocolate pudding (if you can spare some syns) or maybe a creamy flavoured jelly using fruit, non dairy milk and agar agar?

    Alternatively if you could make a white sauce to go with pasta if you have the syns for a little soya butter and cornflour

    Hope this helps

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    Ooh I didn't know the koko and alpro choc drinks are HEXs! Good news!

    I was going to suggest the Lactofree range of products but I guess you couldn't have them because they are made from cow's milk but with the lactose removed. I use those as I am lactose intolerant.

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