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Thread: Great news- Alpen Light Bars changing back to 70cal recipe

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    Great news- Alpen Light Bars changing back to 70cal recipe

    Weetabix posted an announcement earlier today- thanks to all the complaints put in by SW members they have decided to revert back to the old recipe for Alpen Lights so they can once again be used as a HEX B.

    This is what they said:

    We would like to share some good news with you regarding our Alpen Light Bars.

    We are always looking to improve our offering and as part of our quest to create ever-better products, we recently made some changes to the range.

    However, due to popular demand we have made the decision to switch back to the original 70 calorie Alpen Light bars that are acceptable Slimming World Healthy Extra B options.

    This is because our customers' opinions are the best source of feedback for us and in this instance, the demand for the original Alpen Light bars has been too great to ignore.

    We are currently working with our retailers to implement the changes and get the original Alpen Light bars back on the shelves.

    We will keep you posted and, as always, 'thank you!' for your support and patience.
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    Fab news!!! Thankyou for sharing :-)

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    Yes! Was just about to post this! It's brill news!

    Great news- Alpen Light Bars changing back to 70cal recipe-image-853567717.jpg

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    Wow just seen this, great news thanks for posting

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    Great News

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