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Thread: Lidl/Crownfield branflakes as HEx B

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    Lidl/Crownfield branflakes as HEx B

    Hello, I've tried to search the forum but cannot find any information specifically for the Lidl/Crownfield branflakes. I started SW this week and I know the food optimising book advises 35g Kellogs All Bran branflakes but I have a full box of Lidl/Crownfield branflakes and I loathe to bin them just to buy branded. How do I find out if they count towards my HEx B as I cannot find them on the Syns Online. I'll count them in my Syn allowance if I have to until the box has gone

    I appreciate the help

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    I would also like to know this, it am starting SW tomorrow and did a quick LIDL shop for some essentials including this!

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    It says in my book you can replace any branded breakfast cereal with a super market own brand of the same cereal so if it is just plain branflakes then that is like for like and I would

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