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Thread: Looking for some help!

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    Looking for some help!

    Evening all

    Am new to slimming world, one week in, so far I have found it quite easy although I have learnt very quickly the only way you can really do this is to cook from scratch. However I am frustrated today, it's been a very busy day so all I have managed to grab is 3 light baby belles for my healthy a option and a handful of grapes!! So tonight I was looking forward to a homemade burger and a glass of wine. Am only allowed 10 syns a day but I've just seen my roll for my burger is going to cost me 7.5 syns cause it's white which leaves no room for wine or pretty much anything else!! I assumed I could have used for healthy b option??

    I think my calorie intake must have gone way down, I calculated my total intake for the day choosing either the bread or the wine would be about 600 calories which I know is not enough.

    Sometimes it's just not possible to eat completely from the free section or cook a meal from scratch which with only 10 syns leaves me with not being able to eat very much at all. I've skipped lunch twice this week as I was out and about with work and even a boots shapers sandwich on it own was 10 syns so I've not bothered having anything!! Usually I pack a lunch up for work if I am in the office but when I'm out and about it's just not possible.

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    There are some wholemeal rolls that you can use for your HEB, maybe have one of those with the burger and then you could keep your syns for the wine.

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    yes id try and have the roll as a healthy extra if u could ..

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