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Thread: Can worry/anxiety make you lose weight?

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    Can worry/anxiety make you lose weight?

    Hi everyone!

    The title says it all basically....

    I've heard before that anxiety and worry speeds up your metabolism, whereas stress produces adrenaline and in most cases leads to weight gain.

    I've had aches and pains over the past couple of weeks which I've put down to the weight change so far, but me being me, the natural born worrier, has been worrying about them and getting myself so worked up at times.

    Last weeks WI I lost 6.5lb, which I figured was possibly catch up for the previous two "low" weeks by my standards of 1.5lb loss and 0.5lb loss.

    I went on the Wii Fit body test this morning (I normally only do the body test Wednesday and Thursday mornings) and already it's saying that since last Thursday mornings body test I've lost 4lb!!! (The weight it shows me is usually only a 1lb-2lb out)

    Admittingly, I was ill with a sickness-type bug on Friday and barely ate anything that day, but have been eating reasonably normal since then.
    (I do EE, with the occasional red or green day thrown into the mixture, btw)

    I'm still on and off worrying myself about my aches and pains, 'cause that's unfortunately me sometimes. I just hope I don't lose too much more by Thursday, 'cause losing nearly a stone in 2 weeks can't be good for you, right??

    It's crazy aswell, because I've not even been exercising like I was, if at all!!

    Sorry for babbling on everyone, but I needed to get it off my chest!


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    Hi hun,

    I've found on two occasions where I've lost a lot of weight when I've been stressed (maybe slightly worried too) and I had been eating a lot too. First time was in the weeks leading up to my final exams for my degree, and also in the weeks leading up to my wedding ( I had to eat loads to put on weight so the dress fit!! Never thought that would happen!!) So yes it can happen.

    More importantly, have you been to the doctors? If they're causing you so much worry, I hope you do. Also maybe mention the fact that although your following a slimming plan, you have lost a lot of weight in a small amount of time compared to usual as it may be helpful to them.

    Or maybe it's just all your hard work catching up with you! Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

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    I would think it could be the case. When my parents split and got divorce as you can imagine my mam was so worried and stressed she dropped for a size 22ish to a size 8-10 not healthy she knows that but it kinda just happened

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    It'll be the drop in exercise too, whenever I stop exercising I get a big loss, it's not a good loss though as it means muscle loss.

    Try some Bach Rescue Remedy for your anxiety, also keep a worry journal write down what you are worried about, what it could mean, how likely is it, and can you do anything about it, then all the ones you answer no to you need to tell yourself you aren't going to think about it.

    So for instance I have a pain in my left arm and neck. It could mean a muscle strain, or sleeping funny or a heart attack, it's not really likely to be a heart attack as I would have other symptoms, it could be that I slept funny, not likely to be muscle strain as it's been quite a few days since I lifted any weights.
    Now I can't do anything about it but wait until it feels better and if it's not gone in three days I'll call the doc!

    Ok so that's an example but you can apply it to most things!

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