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Thread: SW Books!

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    SW Books!

    Hi there! I've just started SW, but I'm doing it alone from home. I was wondering what books people recommended using? I was thinking about the brand or food directory? And does anybody know where I can get them from if I'm not a member of a group? I don't really like using eBay.

    Thank you!

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    You could always just join, get the pack and not go back? Or maybe if would persuade you to goto class?
    Think there are vouchers out in some mags soon for money off joining too...bonus! Lol
    They'll all be over priced on eBay but if you went to group, you'd benefit from the new members talk as well as get the stuff you need?x

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    For normal SW recipe books, I'd strongly recommend having a look in charity shops. You probably won't find the food directories but my mum manages a charity bookshop and I volunteer there too. I've managed to get hold of about 8 SW recipe books (plus some of the books you get in class) for about 1.99 each or less! There are some fantastic recipes in them and they all tell you the number of syns in each dish and what plan they relate to.

    If you can't see any SW books in the shops, it's worth asking the staff there as they will likely have some out the back.
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    I have the food optimising books, and a few recipe books, but it was more the directories I was looking for - I don't really want to spend the joining fee and the cost of the directory on one night haha! But thank you anyway

    Thats a good idea, I never thought to look in charity shops - I'll have a hunt this weekend!

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    Sainsburys are currently selling SW recipe books as a greatly reduced price. The only thing to look out for is that some of the syn values may have changed since publication because these are old books, but well worth the investment all the same.

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