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Thread: New years resolutions??

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    New years resolutions??

    So what crazy New Years resolutions have we all made?? Aside from losing/maintaining weight. I've decided at 27 I'm going to apply for college and learn to drive!!! I'd say quit smoking but that's been a New Years resolution every year since being 16. Haha!!! Xx

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    Mine is just to get to target. I want to be there by my Birthday, on the 8th July

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    You can follow my 5:2 food diary here!

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    Goal Date: Before I'm 30!

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    1. Lose weight
    2. Don't work so hard
    3. Make an effort to meet new people
    4. Cut back on drinking

    I'm going to be 30 this year so I'm determined to stick to all of the above

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