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Thread: That ONE item of clothing you love but everyone else hates!

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    That ONE item of clothing you love but everyone else hates!

    Just wondering if anyone else has an item of clothing they love that their significant other or friends hate.

    I have this pink Nike hoody that I bought in New York about 6 or 7 years ago. I fell in love with it immediately, the Nike logo is even in a girly script, and I can't really explain but I just love it even now.

    My husband absolutely loathes it though! I think it's cos it's pink and during my heavier times it probably wasn't exactly flattering. It's also had every kind of food stain on it over the years! On our honeymoon in Thailand just over a year ago he tried to persuade me to throw it away - we were travelling around the country and trying to keep luggage light. I reminded him though that I'd need it when we landed back at Manchester in December!

    To be honest it's starting to fall apart at the seams and it's no longer as warm and snuggly as it once was so I've told my husband it's on its last legs so it should have a stay of execution! As soon as it falls apart it'll get chucked but until then I'll wear it and wear it.

    As I'm in the middle of losing weight again it fits better than it has in years so to my husband's chagrin I'm wearing it a lot at the moment, mwuhaha.

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    I have care bear pyjamas. I don't care if husband doesn't like them....I'm not in the mood anyway
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    I am Sam, I like it here. I think I'll hang around a bit...

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    I have never thought to ask what people think of my clothes. And I wouldn't take any notice if they told me!

    I know my sister hates my hair, she is always saying so, but I have stopped listening.

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    I don't really care if people like or don't like what I wear, I think its because I know we all have different views on things & we are not all the same.

    When I'd just had my son many years ago I had my long hair cut very short, all my girlfriends loved it, as I did, but OH hated it, I then grew my hair & I've never had it short since, and the only reason is I wouldn't be happy if he had his hair in a style I didn't like & it's a constant thing unlike clothes.

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    my husband hates my onesies, but I don't care, they are comfy and warm
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    I am the opposite, my boyfriend likes a lot of my clothes that I don't like anymore. If I am struggling to find something to wear, he will suggest something. And I'll just be like "ew, really?". Lol! Isn't it funny how we all have different tastes? It would be a boring world if everybody liked all of the same things

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