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Thread: Sugar vs fat (telly documentary - can binging be explained scientifically?)

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    Sugar vs fat (telly documentary - can binging be explained scientifically?)

    Did anyone else watch the recent TV documentary about sugar vs fat? The scientists (admittedly in only that single study) found that we can eat fat till we are satisfied and then our bodies will tell us to to stop, or eat sugar till we are satisfied and then stop, but the combination of fat and sugar together, such as is found in chocolate, biscuits, doughnuts, cakes, breads, pastries etc seems to be irresistible and our bodies do not tell us to stop - there is no off switch and we will continue to go back for more. It seems that in nature sugars and fats are found in many foodstuffs that our hunter-gatherer ancestors might have eaten, both are important components of a healthy balanced diet. However the combination of finding both in the same foodstuff is not a natural thing, it is wholly a modern manufactured combination that humans have invented. It is a delicious combination for which our bodies do not naturally have a feel for when to stop.

    I have no idea if this is a scientific fact but after watching the programme I paused to consider what foods I am most likely to binge on. It is all the above foods. I have better will power now than before I started SW but there are days when I cannot stop at a single biscuit. I have kept it in mind since watching the show and am much more aware now of what will cause me to lose control.

    Keeping this in mind has helped me enormously since watching the show to allocate certain treats to my syns that satisfy but do not tempt me. Probably nothing in it but I did find it interesting.

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    One reason why I went Primal(hunter/gatherer) was because I couldn't stop eating cakes,biscuits and other sugary/carby things.I could eat a whole packet of biscuits or 6 packs of crisps in one sitting.Now they don't really bother me.
    Best thing I done was to cut it all out.Never felt better but if I do eat something 'naughty' I get terribly bloated.
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    There is a lot of truth in it. Check out YouTube there were quite a few videos on it x
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    It was a fascinating documentary. I was shocked the twin who ate a higher fat diet nearly lead to diabetes. I thought the higher sugar diet would have.
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