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Thread: secret eaters

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    secret eaters

    Love this programme and when you see the dawning realisation when they are shown what they have eaten. Am sure we can all relate - i didnt get to my current weight by being restrained or eating healthily! i think we often lie to ourselves about what we eat and ignore the "little extras" we often munch on....however they all add up!

    i make sure i dont use anything synned in meals so i know exactly how many i am having - without fibbing to myself!

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    Yeah, I've been good recently, but when I'm bad I'll eat a whole bag of sweets/big bar of chocolate/pack of biscuits with the reasoning that once its gone I can start to behave again. Funny how we manage to justify and ignore things like that. I always try to keep my diary accurate now.
    I've not seen Secret Eaters, might give it a watch

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    I love secret eaters! Especially the man who put double cream on his Special K because Special K is healthy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sareypoop View Post
    I love secret eaters! Especially the man who put double cream on his Special K because Special K is healthy!!
    That was just sheer stupidity.

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    Not watched it, but sounds totally like me. For ages my dog used to ask to get out at 3am, so I would put her on her lead, stand at the back door and eat biscuits until she was done. Never thought anything about it and was still confused about why I didn;t lose weight!
    3rd time lucky...the weight will come off

    Three (and a bit) months summer challenge....add yourself HERE! >>>>>

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