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Thread: Bad language

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    Bad language

    So can I ask for your opinion on this? First of all a confession - I have been watching Big Brother. Every year I say that I won't, but then I just watch a bit, and then I seem to be watching all the programmes, with the lame excuse that it is an interesting social experiment!!

    And I don't know if it is just me, or because I am old, or what - but the language seems to be far worse this time round. The swearing seems to be non-stop. Someone told me the other day that I am out of touch and that everyone speaks like that now.

    Well, do they? Nobody I know talks like that (but I suppose most of my friends are my sort of age). I have used the F word three times in my entire life - I can tell you exactly when - and I don't know who was more appalled, me or the other person!

    I know I wouldn't be able to stand it if I were living in that house - I would have been in that diary room demanding to go home days ago!

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    It's rather difficult question to discuss. I do use bad words time to time;-) My mom also has noticed that for the past years (maybe, the most, past 5 years) people started to use more bad words! It's became so obviouse! and even on TV, songs, books...bad words became the part of normal speech. I cna not sya it is good. I prefer not to hear sooo many bad words everywhere around! I use F word only when i am home all alone and hit my head or leg;-))

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    I'm not an angel, and I do use bad language from time to time.

    However, I can't abide swearing around children. It's completely unnecessary and doesn't need to be done. I appreciate late at night in pubs, banter etc, but hearing people effing and blinding at the park makes me wince!

    My children know bad words, but not from myself or my husband. They know not to use them or repeat them, and often tell me that somebody had used a naughty word. Sad really.

    I do think that swearing as a whole is more acceptable in society, but is don't understand why. If I hear people using bad language, particularly in the presence of children, then I will always pull them up on it, and let them know that it's not appropriate.

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    I used to racing on a sailing boat aged 10 with my dad and two of his friends who swore a lot, particularly as it was very competitive but I was always taught that what was said on the boast was not repeated on shore. And that pretty much stuck - I was teased a lot at secondary school for talking properly and not swearing. I do swear more often now but make sure I'm careful about what I say around friends' children. My language deteriorates when I compete my horse - the competitive side of me is obviously linked to the bad language side!

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    I have noticed the awful language on big brother too!
    Some of the people using the language are generally disgusting people too.

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    I believe I have a form of automotive Tourette's as the minute I sit behind the wheel of a car, I cannot stop swearing
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    I don't often F-ing swear and any F-er who F-ing says F-ing otherwise is F-ing lying. The F.
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