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    Question Nutribullet

    Please help. I have just bought the Nutribullet which claims to extract all the goodness and fibre from fruit and vegetables. Does this mean that any fruitI whizz up can be classed as free or does SW assume I will be eating/drinking more than if I ate a whole orange/apple etc and therefore has to be synned?

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    I've got one. You will need to syn blended fruit. Technically. Its a heavily debated topic on here in various forms. Essentially it's down to the mastication process and the satiety that eating whole fruit gives you over mashed/juiced/blended. Stuff about releasing sugars isn't true. It's not possible to increase a piece of fruits sugar content just by mashing it BUT evidently you COULD eat more of it due to reduced volume. The thing is, with the nutribullet, you make 50% up with greens like baby spinach. That doesn't need to be synned.

    I used mine to make speed soup the other day too. Very convenient!! No fruit so no syns.

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    I had to google this as it sounded like a toy from Ann Summers to me lol!

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