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Thread: Weird food things

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    Weird food things

    I don't know how my mind got on to this but I realised this morning that I've never actually tried tea! I'm no spring chicken so even though I know I don't like hot drinks and never have them it still shocked me! As a child I was actually afraid of wet tea bags and I still don't like to touch them when I make tea for friends and family (bizarre, I know, don't get me started ) so that's probably a large part of it.

    I have a friend who must have each item on his plate separate, so it doesn't touch anything else. He eats all of one thing at a time until his plate is empty and if one item touches another he can't eat them. Maybe I'm more normal than I thought!

    Do you have any weird food "things"?

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    You can get little tongs for teabags, so you never need to touch them. I can't stand ordinary tea, I was put off it by having to make it for other people when I was a child. Quite like herb teas though, but only if the weather is really cold.

    When I was a child and there was jelly and blancmange and fruit at a party, I had to have them in separate dishes, or I wouldn't eat them! Grew out of that though - don't think one can get away with that sort of thing as an adult.

    Thinking about it, when eating dinner I will eat things separately from the plate - a piece of meat, then a piece of potato, for instance. And I only like small amounts of sauce - can't stand huge ponds of gravy. In fact, what most people call gravy I can't stand at all - no granules in this house!

    OK, thinking about it some more. I do quite often when cooking for myself, have vegetables first, then the meat/whatever later.

    I didn't think I was in the least bit odd until you made me think about it - now I am not so sure!!!

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    I can't let egg yolk touch anything else runny like sauce, tinned tomatoes, beans etc!!
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    I can't have cold and hot food on the same plate !
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    I can't have milk on my cereal. Seems too wet and soggy!

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    I cut all of my food up before I eat it and then don't have a knife lol weird. I've done it all my life :/ I also have to eat everything together so that there's a bit of everything left on my plate at the end, like I could never eat all my potatoes and then all my veg etc xx

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    I cut around the yoke of a fried egg, eat all the white and then eat the yoke whole
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    If I eat cereal I have to eat it quick before the milk makes it soggy. I don't do soggy cereal so anyone who knows me well knows not to talk to me whilst I'm eating cereal lmao!
    Especially weetabix hahahaha xxx

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    I'm a bit like your friend. If I'm having beans with any of my meals (except obviously beans on toast of a jacket potato topped with beans) I have to have them served in a little ramekin on the side of my plate. I can't have bean juices touching everything else, it's just wrong!

    I also can't have sauce all over my food. I only really like mayonaise and not ketchup / brown sauce or anything. But I can't squirt it all over my chips, etc. like some people do. Again, it's got to be served on the side of my plate or in a little ramekin for dipping. Unless it's gravy, and then it's got to be lots of it everywhere!!

    I can't eat things that are past their sell by date. I know there's a difference between sell-by and use-by, but it just freaks me out. I've got to eat stuff within their dates!

    I can't eat the larger tomatoes in any way, shape or form. Cherry tomatoes however, I love!

    I'm sure there are more! I'm quite fussy with how / what I eat...

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    I can't eat a banana from its skin. I have to peel it and bin the skin and all the stringy bits then eat it. I can't even bear to watch someone else eat a banana straight out of the skin. Yak it's just wrong Lol... And one of my many OCDs
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