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Thread: Weird weigh in dreams!

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    Weird weigh in dreams!

    I wasn't sure where I was meant to post this so hope it's in the right place.

    So last night I had the weirdest dream about weighing in this week. I am a little anxious about it as I need a -2lb to get my stone loss and go into the 13s so i'm guessing that's the reason my mind is going crazy.

    So in my dream I was at weigh in and the scales were on top of a mountain of other scales that I had to climb up to get on top, I kept falling off and it took me ages to get up there, when I finally got to the top there was a washing line to hold onto to steady myself while I weighed and my result was that I put on 17 stone!!

    I know it is totally ridiculous and would never in a million years happen, but I wondered if anyone had the most strange dreams about weigh ins or dieting and wanted to share?

    I think maybe I have an over active imagination haha.

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    Love it! All that climbing and exercise and you put on 17 stone - hardly seems fair, does it?

    One theory is that dreams are supposed to be the brain's way of sorting out issues that were unresolved during the day, so on that basis I suppose it is natural that you should have a scary dream about weigh-in if you had been concerned about it.

    You can comfort yourself with the knowledge that whatever happens when you do weigh in, it can't be that bad!!
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