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Thread: USA Slimmers!

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    USA Slimmers!


    I was mainly just wondering how many of us there are that live in the USA and follow Slimming World? I'm actually British, but moved to Kansas at the end of 2013.

    Having previously followed Slimming World in the UK, I thought it'd be nice to try and connect with people on this side of the pond, especially as there has to be a lot of adaptation for me in regards to foods/free options compared to what I'm used to!

    Laura-Jayne x

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    Hello there!

    This probably doesn't really help answer your question but thought I'd get in touch anyway ? I don't actually live in the US but I'm frequently over here with work. I'm in Texas today! I do SW online in the UK but I have the PDFs for the US plan for when I'm over in the States. How are you finding it over there? Are you going to group/doing it online?

    I still follow the basic plan- super free, free, As, Bs and syns but I struggle to find the syn values for branded products.

    If you have any syn values for anything I could get in supermarkets out here and quickly prepare when I am in hotels (very limited facilities- I have a kettle, a measuring jug, a mug and a food container!) that'd be super helpful... Things like cup soups, noodle cups, pasta pots etc? These don't seem to be listed on the PDFs ?

    Hope you're enjoying life on the other side of the pond!

    Francesca X

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    If anyone has the pdf's that they'd be willing to share. I've just moved to the states and am admittedly struggling.

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    I'm curious as to why there aren't more Slimming World groups in the U.S. I'm originally from Texas (Dallas area) and travel there at least once per year. I still have lots of friends there and would love to toot the horn for SW. I currently live in England (Brit husband), joined SW just a month ago and this morning got my first stone certificate. Wooo hoooo! I'm sitting with a pile of SW cookbooks and about to try some meal planning. If I found a SW group in Dallas, would I be able to attend as a visitor? I'll be there for three weeks.


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    Hi all,

    I moved to Ohio last summer from England and piled on the Lb's as you do.. I joined WW but couldnt get on with it here, I find the food so different and hard to deal with!
    I am considering SW, I did it before, and we are on a sever budget as we are waiting for residency, so only hubby can work. SW is easier to follow on a budget I think, convenience foods are cheap!
    I'd love to chat with others in the same situation, and share experiences! I cant afford to join SW at the moment, so any info anyone would be willing to send me I would really appreciate!

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    Hello! I first joined SW when I lived in Sussex back in 2009. I lost a little more than a stone and then moved back to the US... I swore I would stick to plan, but life happened and I ended up back where I was before. That being said, I joined SW Online and in 5.5 weeks have lost 18 pounds. Trust me when I say I have a very long way to go, but I feel good and am happy to see the weight coming off!

    I find SW so easy to follow and have a couple of friends interested in the plan as well... I'm hoping they'll join, as not having fellow slimmers around (in person rather than virtually) makes it all the harder!

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    Hi I know this thread is quite old now but I'm moving to St Augustine in Florida! Il be there for 12 weeks working during the summer and really want to stay on track. I'm hoping I can get lots of fruit and veggies I think eating out U.S. going to be my hardest challenge, any tips??

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