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Thread: New to SW - Londoner in Seville

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    New to SW - Londoner in Seville

    Hey everyone! I started Slimming World EE Plan yesterday! I want to lose 3 stone. I love food

    My main problems are, I am in Spain so trying to go at this alone. And secondly, in my opinion my main problem, I don't have an oven!!

    I hope to get to know lots of you over the next few days, weeks and months as I really really need your help! I have been reading endlessly over the past week!

    3 stone may not seem like a HUGE amount to lose, but I really need motivation help, recipe help with no bloody oven(!), I need help to stick at this, and I need to get out and exercise. My main concern - not sticking at it for long enough.

    Thanks guys

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    Welcome, can you give us an idea of what you do have to cook with? I would suggest a slow cooker if you haven't got one just plug it in Thriw everything in and leave it to do its work

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    Hi and welcome, I would sudgest a halogen oven, cheap to run and works like an ordinary oven

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    I don't have an oven - haven't had one for over 12 years. I use a Remoska (see the Lakeland catalogue) or a microwave, and I also have a small portable gas two-ring burner which I use very occasionally. I have a little electric egg cooker for boiled eggs.

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    I'd join online _ i tried to go it alone to start off with but there's so much misinformation line I found that my weight loss had doubled weekly since having access to the site

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