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Thread: Hello mummies :-)

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    Hello mummies :-)

    Hey everyone,

    I have a 9mo old and started slimming world in January half a stone lighter than when I fell pregnant with him in aug 2012. I put on 3 stone with him and fought hard to lose it and a little more for my wedding in November.

    I'm now 5 weeks pregnant with baby no.2 (why wait lol!) and am determined not to make the same mistake as last time so am sticking with slimming world the whole way!!

    One question, I'm not allowed to self refer until 6 weeks and won't see the midwife until 8-10weeks, so did anyone just carry on without their consultant knowing? I don't want to be told I'm not allowed to carry on if I can't get a midwife approval for ages?

    Happy healthy 9mnths to all xxx

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    Congratulations you are brave but it will be lovely seeing them grow up together as they will be so close to each other being close in age!

    I have only done sw post natally so I don't know the answer for definite but could you have a chat with your gp on the phone? I can't imagine they will have a problem with you doing it especially if you are using all your healthy extras etc.

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    I am kind of in the same boat as u..I have 12 month old, and have fallen pregnant again Iam also 5 weeks. I Have been doing sw from home on and off but since finding out about the pregnancy i have now been following the plan strictly for the past 5 research has shown that sw is healthy to do and I will hopefully will continue with it as far as possible , I am 3 stone over weight currently

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    Hi ya.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. There are a lot of people doing sw while pregnant, I don't think it is a problem. I have read that during pregnancy you have an extra a choice and extra b choice. I too am doing it but find I can't always use 3 of each!

    It's not really a diet and doesn't really restrict you of anything and if it was a bad idea I'm sure they would put a clause on the website like ww do xx

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