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Thread: Baby-Led Weaning

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    Baby-Led Weaning

    Hello hello! I've recently climbed back aboard the SW train. My son is 6 months old, he was exclusively breastfed until now but we have commenced weaning. In theory, then, my additional HXs should drop. HOWEVER as we are baby-led weaning he is currently only eating very little and is still taking his full number of milk feeds. Am I right in thinking I should continue to have my additional HXs as before? Obviously I will be scrutinising this closely and as he eats more and his milk feeds decrease (he's currently on 8-10 over 24 hours) I'll be dropping HXs accordingly.

    For what it's worth I am struggling to get my full amount anyway as I am vegan, it is difficult to drink that much plant milk!

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    Can't help with the baby thing or how many hex's to have, but with regards to getting your hexa's in... I don't know if you like them but have a look at the chocolate 'milk' choices (ie, Oatly chocolate milk). You only get about 200ml of it for a hexa choice but it tastes lovely!

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