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Thread: Morning sickness = all day nausea

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    Morning sickness = all day nausea

    Hi, I'm just looking for advice or tips please. I lost 6 stone on SW in 2009-2010 fell pregnant and put on 5 stone with my 1st child, he is now 16months old I have not lost any of the weight I fact I have put on another stone since I am now 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and petrified of piling on more weight as I already struggle to find clothes to suit my shape. My morning sickness is an all day nausea, the only time it subsides slightly is when eating biscuits, choc, sweets, sausage rolls, bread etc fruit and veg make me wretch and due to the nausea I find standing up cooking really difficult. Does anyone have any advice of what I could graze on to keep the nausea at bay. I didn't have such sickness with my 1st child the 5 stone was purely greediness as always having weight issues I saw it as my free ticket to eat what I wanted and expected the weight to literally drop of after the birth! I know it's a completely different story now and pretty desperate to loose weight in the 1st 20 weeks and then try to maintain there after but lack of will power and sickness has made me pile on half a stone already xxx

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    Hi Anna I know exactly how you feel I put on nearly 5 stone with last pregnancy due to feeling sick or faint or just generally unwell unless I was eating cake ,crisps & biscuits etc.. it was really tough,he is 13 months old! Im 6weeks pregnant sshhh its a secret lol & the nausea has started already & im petrifried im going to go through all this again.I actually joined a group 3 weeks ago before I found out so im going to speak to consultant & midwife at 8 weeks & hopefully continue on my journey & atleast maintain.Have you tried light cheese triangles with some ryvita or toasted wholemeal bread soldiers? slimming world chips & beans are good too for keeping you full I know theres no superfree in that but like you said fruit & veg when you are pregnant sometimes just makes you wretch lol.I wish you all the best & hope we can both maintain or even lose a bit in our pregnancies
    week 1=4 pound loss
    week 2=5 pound loss
    week 3=2 pound loss 3 lb away from first stone
    week 4=3 pound loss first stone gone Yay!!
    week 5=sts
    week 6=1 pound loss
    week 7=2 pound loss
    week 8=2 pound loss
    week 9=3 pound loss mainly calorie counting
    week10=2 pound loss
    week11=2 pound loss
    week12=2 pound loss
    week13=2 pound loss
    week14=1 pound loss
    week15=3 pound loss
    week17=1 pound loss (half way to target) 13st 7

    Lost my way Joined Group 16/06/14 at 14st 5.5 here goes
    week 1=5 pound loss
    week 2=2 pound loss
    week 3 missed class
    week 4=half a pound loss
    week 5=1 pound loss

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