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Thread: Not pregnant, just starting to think about it.

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    Diet: Slimming World
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    Start Weight: 15st10lb
    Current Weight: 13st2.5lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 37.8
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    Goal BMI: 24

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    Hi guys
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    Goal Date: 2015

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    3rd pregnancy gained nearly 5 stone ,4th pregnancy ate well following sw & weekends off & gained ony 10lb & baby boy was born at 8lb 2 so perfectly healthy & doable .First trimester is hardest I found with morning sickness & just wanting something quick & convenient to snack on & also depends if you go off certain foods I went off fruit but enjoyed it again after about 16 weeks.The average weight gain is about 2 stone when pregnant but a good 12lb to a stone comes off through delivery Good luck whatever you decide im sure you will love being pregnant
    week 1=4 pound loss
    week 2=5 pound loss
    week 3=2 pound loss 3 lb away from first stone
    week 4=3 pound loss first stone gone Yay!!
    week 5=sts
    week 6=1 pound loss
    week 7=2 pound loss
    week 8=2 pound loss
    week 9=3 pound loss mainly calorie counting
    week10=2 pound loss
    week11=2 pound loss
    week12=2 pound loss
    week13=2 pound loss
    week14=1 pound loss
    week15=3 pound loss
    week17=1 pound loss (half way to target) 13st 7

    Lost my way Joined Group 16/06/14 at 14st 5.5 here goes
    week 1=5 pound loss
    week 2=2 pound loss
    week 3 missed class
    week 4=half a pound loss
    week 5=1 pound loss
    week 6=sts
    week 7=sts
    week 8=1 pound loss, 11 weeks pregnant

    week 13=4 pound gain 16 weeks pregnant

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