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Thread: Lowish syn deserts please!

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    Lowish syn deserts please!

    does anyone have any lovely desert recipies please??
    really the lower the better but would prefer not to go over 5ish syns if possible.
    me and hubby are going to start having a 3 course meal once every 10 days when he has his days off!
    mains and starters not really a problem but would love some desert ideas please.

    joined slimming world on 5th of april 2010! hit target on 15th november 2010 with a total loss of 3stone 7.5lb!!!...then revised target by 3lb on 3/1/ loss to target of 3stone 10.5lb.


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    What a lovely idea.

    The SW mag always has low syn desserts in. I can only think of meringue with fruit & 0% greek yoghurt; fruit & jelly with yoghurt.

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    Check out the sticky at the top of the page (Puddings)

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    The half syn roulade is really lovely, and looks quite impressive too, plus you can add your own flavours. The recipe is somewhere under the recipe thread... !

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    I have been making puddings for each evening, keeping them to 3 or 4. I don't like spending more than 5 syns on

    Things we have.
    Chocolate mouse with fruit
    French toast with fruit
    poached pear in red wine
    squidgy chocolate cake - soon to be turned into sw black forest gateaux
    syn free pancakes
    Jelly with fruit ( you can layer it with one layer being jelly with yogurt added too)
    Rice pudding
    let me know if you want any recipes
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    The no added sugar jelly pots are only half a syn

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