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Thread: whats for lunch

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    whats for lunch

    Following on from the thread 'whats for tea' I thought it'd be a good idea to do a thread for lunchs, as i know this is one of the hardest times of day to plan for in terms of lunch ideas at work etc.

    As im trying extra hard at the mo to not be caught out without any lunch, resorting to spending un-needed money and most likley falling off the wagon at the same time due to pure lazyness, and lack of idea's to get me going.. i have been planning and making extra time to prepare the night before..

    so if we all shared our plans, we might help each other out a bit when stuck for ideas..

    so for lunch tomorrow, i have scotch eggs, for only 1 syn.
    2boiled eggs wrapped in 1 eat smart pork sausage each (1/2syn per sausage) and rolled in 1 blitzed up sweet onion ryvita.

    I will have the other two ryvitas for breaky tomorrow, which makes my scotch eggs only 1 syn, and 1/3 of my HEB. Not sure if it'l work as well as bread crums but we'l see. Can only try..
    I'l be having with with salad.. mixed lettuce leaves, cucumber, spring onion, cherry toms and some chopped grapes. With a squeeze of lemon juice.

    and then iv also made up some orange hartleys suger free jelly, and popped some orange segments at the bottom to bump up my SF foods.. 1/2 syn as i split between 3 dishes and its 1.5 syns for sachet.

    so, what are you lot eating tomorrow??
    2015, my year <3

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    I'm having a jacket potato with tuna and a HUGE salad with a ton of fruit (apple, clementine, strawbs and pineapple) and a weightwatchers dessert style yog! OM NOM NOM

    (I is somehow getting skinny while eating like a piggie!)
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    Tomorrows lunch is Frittata with whatever i can throw in it with SW wedges, yum yum yum followed by fruit and yogurt

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    I'm having last of my homegrown lettuce with turkey, toms, peppers, green beans & cheese from hexb, I may put some onions with it, followed by a mullerlight yoghurt

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    Good thread x

    I work in a school so the cook usually puts in a Jacket Potato for me & I have something with it, if there isn't anything healthy for lunch I've got some beans I can have with it.


    Week 1 ~ 55 ~ -32lbs

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    Pasta coated with a little light phili with sweet chili and smoked salmon plus salad. Quick and tasty!!

    My Diary;

    Mini Goal - lose 1st - Done!
    Next Goal - lose 2st - Done
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    We're having a chicken salad tortilla (asda wholemeal 4.5 syns for a HUGE tortilla)
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    October - 7 lb
    November - 4lb
    December - 6lb (Reached target!!)

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    im gonna have a broccoli, mushroom, and tomato omlette type thing lol with beans

    that gets me 4 speed foods out of my 10 i think im addicted to mushrooms
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    I lost 5.5lbs somewhere before i started SW and i aint going looking for them again
    Week 1 - Ive ditched 2.5lbs
    Week 2 - I shifted 0.5lbs

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    Goal 2 - Get to 10st
    Goal 3 - Get to 9st 7lbs by 1st of june for my daughter communion

    "There is a skinny girl inside of me .... im helping her to escape"

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    I cooked some extra salad potatoes and green beans will mix it up with Tuna, boiled egg, cucumber and some light dressing

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    Frylighted onions & mushrooms, quorn sausages made into a sandwich with 2 slices bread (HexB) and a bowl of homemade tomato soup.
    7 stone lost, now at target

    Target reached 27/01/10

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    I've got jacket potato with low fat cheese and beans/tuna plus a huge salad - 2 activia snack pots - 2 apples - I'm hoping it will last me a 12 hours shift!!
    Re-Start 19th March 14st 6lb
    Week 1 -5lb

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    for lunch today i am having jacket pot with fat free natural yoghurt, salad (lettuce,toms,cucumber,onions,grated carrot,sweetcorn,beetroot) fruit/yoghurt.

    yum yum.


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    I am having quorn veggie chilli with some roasted veg - red pepper, onion, courgette. All to heat up in the work micro

    Starting weight 06/05/2015: 15st 11lb
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    06/05: Start @ 15st 11lb

    My weight goals:

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    My other goals
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    Size 14

    My food diary:

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    I had brunch as got up late but today i had leek and bean hash with extra beans (uh oh!) and tomatoes and mushrooms. You could use a HeA of cheese on it to to make it extra nice.
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    Wholemeal pittas! Now that the co-op ones are a HExB i'm all over them!
    I don't need a diet....

    I need a new lifestyle

    Start weight: 10st 12lb - 19w pregnant

    W1: 10st 9.5lb (-2.5lbs) - 20w pregnant

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