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Thread: Slow cooked pulled pork?

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    Slow cooked pulled pork?

    Hi, anyone got a recipe for SLOW COOKER pulled pork?

    I made the recipe on the sw website in the oven and it was nice but all the sauce dried up, was i suppose to leave some and mix it with the shreaded pork at the end?

    Has anyone got any pther recipes for the sauce other then the one on the website?

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    Add a little more passata, that might help.

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    I made the recipe in the link above and cooked it in my slow cooker.It was delicious and there was loads of sauce, in fact I'm using the spare sauce tomirrow with chicken and rice, it's too nice to throw away

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    Going to try this on Friday for tea I think as I hear a lot about it but never take a look at recipe but that's sounds delicious

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    It's yummy, and is still tender and tasty a couple of days later for cold sandwiches. Definitely making it again

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    I'm just making this now and it's really hard to get off all the fat from the pork. I've gotten the main fat off but cannot be bothered to do this for the whole piece - it's too marbled! So going to use a different cut of pork next time. On the Facebook Slimming World Slow Cooker group, someone's suggested adding a tsp of Chinese 5 spice to the sauce and, as I love 5 spice, I've done it and it smells lovely.

    Anyway, sauce finishes simmering in 5 mins and then it's going in the slow cooker. Quite excited!

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