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    I have been making sw crisps is it true they have syn value?
    Thank you

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    Technically they do because they are seen as a 'tweak' or 'food abuse' as you're not using the food as intended.

    Personally I do use them without synning them. I have them once in a blue moon and for me I could easily eat a whole share bag of crisps without coming up for air so these are a great alternative for me. I think using food 'as it is intended' is kind of subjective. Really do you think scan bran is supposed so be softened with water and used to make burgers or cakes- but you can on SW and not syn it. This is just MY personal opinion though. I think if I was using them every day I wouldnt be having the same weightloss results and would have to re-evaluate and syn them.

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