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Thread: Dried egg noodle recipes?

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    Dried egg noodle recipes?

    I'm a vegetarian and follow the green plan. I bought some sainsburys medium egg noodles (dried ones) and wondering if any vegetarian syn free/low syn recipes? Any idea what sauce could make that's syn free? and then I could just add bunch of veg like bean sprouts etc.

    Help muchly appreciated! Struggling but trying! :-)

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    Hi there, I use the wholegrain noodles but they are quite similar. Sauce wise I made a low syn honey chilli sauce, 10tbsp soy sauce, 2tbsp runny honey (5syns) add chilli flakes and mix/marinate, doesn't smell great when mixed but is a lovely sauce when cooked and thickens. Tried something similar mixing the soy sauce with honey and mustard it was really nice.

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    I love them boiled in marmite!!

    Sensible head, I cheat and buy stir fry veggies and wok them adding the noodles once cooked, I tend to use soy sauce! I'm a lazy cook!

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