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Thread: Extra Easy: Slimming World Taco fries

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    Extra Easy: Slimming World Taco fries

    Hi guys,

    I had my first weigh in last night .... down 5.5lb!!! so delighted with myself!! This is my second time back in SW and I am detirmined to lose 2.5st!
    I have a night out this Saturday and I am preparing myself for my hangover!!! This is my downfall! I binge when I am hungover! soooo I want to be prepared and have my nice tasty fruit in and have something nice and relitavely bold for dinner on Sunday!!

    Can anyone give me the ingredients and recipe for SW Taco fries! A few of the ladies were talking about them in my meeting last night!! they sound devine!!

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    I found this... hope it helps and its what ur looking for

    “Taco Fries” Updated | Thisismeandfood's Blog

    Complete Easter Challenge - Lost 17.8lb
    Club 10 - Lose 1st 9.5lb
    Loose 2 Stone - 14st 10.2lb
    Get Into a Size 18

    13st 7lb
    ~ Half Way
    Get Into a Size 16
    Loose 4 stone - 12st 10.2lb
    Get Into a Size 14
    20th Dec - Be 10st 7lb
    ~ And Win my £100 Wager

    'Carry Pounds in Your Pocket... Not on Your Hips'

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    Mmm, I've never heard of these before but they look nice.

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    Sounds gorgeous Thanks

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