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Thread: Simple foods!

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    Today I was out over lunch time so chose to have jacket potato, beans and cheese! Followed by a banana go me!! Giving myself a green day to allow for the huge amount of cheese I did ask for no butter! So got me thinking I never just make myself a good of jacket spud! But it's so simple What's your favourite simple meals?

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    Pasta... It's so easy to do and you can create so many different sauces with it

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    i dont like melted cheese (i know im strange) but i really like having left over chili mixed with baked beans on a jacket potato

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    i like to have the pasta packets with frozen veg and cheese quick, filling and so simple!
    asda tin ratatouille + rice
    veggie omelet
    stir fry
    SW chips and chilli
    pasta bake

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