Hi Folks

Can you help please? I am re-joining SW on Thursday, I have been doing the Harcombe Diet for the last couple of weeks but only lost in the first week and quite frankly whilst I totally get the principles behind it the thought of never being able to eat a jacket spud with chills, or pasta and chicken in tomato sauce just leaves me a bit depressed.

So I have 54 days before my girly holiday to lose as much weight as possible, and as I have a glut of veggies and more importantly spinach I decided to make creamed spinach. Now I know it will be synned but that is how I prefer to use my sync.

The recipe is as follows

15ml Olive Oil
2tbsp Cornflour
26ml Double Cream
120 ml Creme fraiche - full fat
220ml skimmed milk
1 onion chopped
2 x 500g Bags of Spinach

I just want to work the sun values out as I am going to freeze them. It has made 6 x 400g portions. Could someone please syn it for me.

Thank you