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Thread: Couscous cake

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    Couscous cake

    First off, apologies if there's a recipe section this should be in! Im on mobile and can't see anywhere else for it to go! Ive just stumbled across a recipe for couscous cake, and decided to give it a try! Its surprisingly cake like and, with a little tweaking, will be really nice on those days when I reeeally want a pudding. This recipe was to serve two but its quite big!
    4oz couscous
    8oz boiling water
    (soak for 10mins)
    1 egg, 1tbsp sweetener, 100g fat free yoghurt, 2tsp options/highlights, 1/2 tsp baking powder, few drops vanilla essence.
    Mix all together, put in a flan dish and microwave on full for about 8mins.
    I daresay you can chop and change flavours- the original recipe used a mandarin muller and the juice/zest of an orange but I didn't have either in! Anyone else made anything similar?
    Im gonna give the choc orange one a go next time!
    If my maths serves I believe per serving ie half of the above would be about 2syns? For the options and the baking powder..

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    But it's the age old 'using cous cous as a flour substitute so it should be synned' scenario!

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